Coming in 2019 (Launch date T.B.A.)

Fractal Theory (working title)

A Novel by Tanah Haney

You could say that Nicholas and Minnie were two ordinary people caught up in a series of extraordinary events, but let’s be honest–they’re about the least ordinary people you’re likely to meet. Nicholas’ lifelong status as misunderstood recluse is only made worse by the arrival in his apartment of an entire division of British Intelligence, while Minnie’s unique, and often inconvenient, ability to see people’s emotions (in vivid colour, no less), is complicated by Nicholas, who seems at first glance to be a black-and-white enigma: a man with no emotions at all.

From an allegedly chance meeting in a café, to a gunshot ringing out in a crowded square, they soon find their lives, and all their preconceptions, turned inside out, as they are caught up in a baffling game of international subterfuge. As the bodies pile up and the mystery deepens, it falls to Nicholas, Minnie, and Nicholas’ new-found brother, Talbot, to unravel the trail of clues, and save an unknowing population from a mysterious drug that could redefine everything we know about the human psyche.

For those following the saga of getting novel #1 to print, the final edit and getting the story formatted for print will be occupying the month of June, with the hopes of publication happening in early summer (just a bit later than originally planned, and possibly with a new title).

In the meantime, check out Mark and Tanah’s Poetry & Fine Art Collaboration, “Where I Live”, which will soon be available both as a full colour photo book-style publication, and in digital format.