Poetry + Art Project 2020

Full colour 13×11 print edition now available through blurb.ca (details below)

“Where the World Bleeds Through” is a collaboration between Tanah Haney (poet) and Mark A. Harrison (photographer & digital artist).  A unique visual and imaginative experience exploring the concepts of innocence and awakening, crisis and rescue, exploration and homecoming, this project represents some of the highlights of a creative journey spanning nearly three decades.

The print edition is a 13×11 (33×28 cm), full size coffee table art book, 100 pages, and includes 49 full colour photographic prints and 45 poems. You can order it now as a photobook from blurb.ca by clicking on the picture below (full preview available).

Update 02.26.20: Mark’s new site is also now live! Visit it here.

Update 02.21.20: The book is now live! Check out our unboxing post here.